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Five Flags Info

Animals are not permitted in Five Flags Center. Exceptions include service animals to aide patrons with disabilities, as well as Wags at the Flags Indoor Dog Park.

The Five Flags Center strictly limits the size and types of bags permitted in the building. Backpacks, purses (other than small clutches), or tinted bags are not permitted. Five Flags encourages no bags; however, the following will be allowed:
• Each person may carry one bag that is clear, plastic, vinyl, or PVC no longer than 12” by X 6” X 12” or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc or similar)
• In addition to one of the clear bags noted above, fans may also carry in a small clutch purse or wallet no longer than 4.5” X 6.5”, with or without a handle strap, subject to search.
• Exempt bags (medical and diaper bags) will be searched and tagged when entering the building
• No tinted bags
• 1 bag per guest, all bags subject to search

The permitted use of cameras is event specific and varies by event. Cameras with professional lenses and flash attachments are prohibited from Five Flags Center. Recording devices, both audio and visual, are not permitted within the Arena and Theater.

The following items are not permitted in Five Flags Center:
Selfie Sticks
Bottles or Cans
Frisbees and beach balls
Laser Pointers
Any noise making devices
Illegal drugs and alcohol
Firearms, weapons, and dangerous devices of any type

Seated Events: Five Flags does not allow strollers/car seats - but will provide a storage area if at all possible while the patron attends the event.

Non Seated Events: Five Flags does not advise the use of strollers/car seats and will provide a storage area if at all possible while the patron attends the event.


Five Flags Center is a tobacco-free facility. The use of tobacco of any kind is not allowed. Anyone observed smoking inside the facility shall be asked to extinguish the item immediately. Any person who refuses to comply with the policy shall be subject to ejection from the facility. Designated smoking area is located outside Main Street entrance.

Intoxicated patrons will not be admitted into the Five Flags Center at any time. Intoxicated patrons are subject to ejections from the event.

Lost and Found is located in the Administration Office. Items found during event will be turned in to the office. Inquires during event of lost items should be taken to a Five Flags Staff member. Items found after event will be turned in to the Administration Office. Inquiries about lost items after an event can be made Monday through Friday at 563-589-4254. Items are held for 30 days.

Noise makers of any kind (horns, whistles, etc.) are not allowed at specific Five Flags events and are subject to confiscation.

Patrons entering the Five Flags Center must be properly attired with shoes and shirt. The items must be worn at all times within the facility.

The throwing of projectiles inside the Five Flags Center will not be tolerated. Offenders are subject to ejection from the building.

Five Flags Center has a no re-entry policy. Individuals who enter the facility for an event with an admission ticket and then leave the building are not allowed back in after initial admission.

Patrons who fail to abide by Five Flags policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Any patron who is violating Five Flags policy will be asked to correct their behavior. If they fail to do so in a timely fashion, ejection will occur. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate Five Flags property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges.

No persons are permitted to bring weapons of any kind into the Five Flags Center with the exceptions of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. Concealed weapon permits are not valid in public assembly areas. Patrons with a weapon will be instructed to remove the weapon from the premises. Weapons will not be checked into security.

Patrons may not bring food and beverages into the Five Flags Center.

*NEW* ChargeFUZE stations
Five Flags Center now has ChargeFuze stations. Throughout the property, you can find chargeFUZE portable phone charging kiosks that allow guests to rent a portable mobile power bank that can be used anywhere and returned to any location on site. ChargeFUZE power-banks are built in to include charging cables for iOS, Android, and other devices. To find the nearest pick up and drop off location, download the chargeFUZE app, ask a member of guest services, or simply scan the QR code on any chargeFUZE station when you see one!

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