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There are Multiple Uses for the Five Flags Arena

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In the late 1960's, the theater at 4th and Main Streets was slated for demolition, but dodged the wrecking ball with the help of a group of Dubuquers who rallied to save the theater. Their action marked the beginning of the Dubuque Five Flags Center, a city block dedicated to enhancing the cultural experience of Dubuque.

The Arena abuts two sides of the historic theater and collectively they fill an entire city block. Five Flags Center Arena seats up to 4,000 for ticketed events. In addition, this multipurpose facility can be transformed overnight to accommodate different events quickly.

The Arena is equipped with locker rooms, dressing rooms, sound and light systems, concession stands, padded permanent seating, mobile bleachers, and other amenities for special events.

For more information about dimensions, location, and capacities please click here or contact the Five Flags Center at or (563) 589-4254.

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