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Feasibility Study

Five Flags Civic Center Feasibility Study

The Five Flags Civic Center has long served as an important community asset for Dubuque and its residents. Its long history can be traced back to the mid-1800’s with the opening of hotel and theater facilities in downtown Dubuque. Over the years, Five Flags has served as a critical gathering place in Dubuque, hosting thousands of entertainment, performing arts, sports, conventions, and civic events. The two primary elements of the current Five Flags Civic Center are the 4,000-seat Arena and the 700-seat historic performing arts Theater.

In the decades since the last major investment in Five Flags, significant changes have occurred within the event facility industry nationwide. At the same time, additional new event, sports and entertainment facilities have been developed elsewhere in Dubuque and in the region. As such, the City of Dubuque is interested in determining the most appropriate path forward as it relates to the Five Flags Civic Center and its ongoing role in Dubuque.

To assist this decision-making, the City has retained an experienced consulting team to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study regarding the future strategy for the Five Flags Civic Center. A key component of this study involves outreach to Dubuque residents to share their voices and opinions regarding the future of Five Flags. This survey is your opportunity to participate in the process to determine the future of the Five Flags Civic Center and the related strategies that will impact downtown Dubuque for years to come.

Please be as candid with your responses as possible and know that the information you provide will NOT be added to any type of sales-related database, nor will we attribute your name, email address or other identifying information to the overall results. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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