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Retro Rewind

Date: Jan 05, 2019
Five Flags Arena - 563-589-4258
10:00 AM - Open to Public
10:30 AM - Dixie Dance Kings - Theater
11:00 AM - Mini Auction Main Stage
12:00 PM - Jake'O Main Stage
12:30 PM - Two Lane Blacktop - Theater
1:30 PM - Art Auction Main Stage
2:30 PM - Easy Rider - Theater
2:45 PM - Bailey Dee Main Stage
4:15 PM - Sabula Moonlighters
4:30 PM - Vintage Drag Racing - Theater
6:00 PM - Pin Up Contest
7:00 PM - Retro Rewind Close
8:00 PM - After Party at Smokestack
8:00 PM - 3 On The Tree Special Live Recording
9:30 PM - Bailey Dee

Welcome to the Show! Come down to the Five Flags Arena and Theater. Enjoy a day of music, shopping, hot rods, kustoms, and vintage motorcycles. Step back to a simpler time when hot rods were worked on in a friends garage, and the music was played on a jukebox or AM radio.

Vintage period correct hot rods, kustom cars, and vintage motorcycles will be on display for the motorheads. Check out the vendors selling their original art, shirts, stickers, patches etc. in the automotive vendor area. Stroll on over to the swap meet area where you can find some old car parts to get that ride up and running.
Or if you have been looking for some vinyl, cds, or old stereo equipment check the music swap area. Vintage guitars will be on display and dealers will be selling off some rare items in the guitar vendor row.
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