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Winter IA RC Showdown

Date: Feb 04, 2017
Five Flags Arena - 563-589-4254

Race away the wintertime Radio Control Hobby blues. The Winter Indoor RC Showdown will feature Bracket Drag Racing, Drift sessions, Timed Rally course, Heads-up off road races, a swap meet and Demolition Derby.

Doors open at 9:30AM with a drivers meeting at 10AM.

Event times are staggered so you can make the most of the day.

Entry for the first RC is $10 with each extra $5.

Demolition Derby entry is $20 with 75% cash payout and winners get tickets or pay per view to Blizzard Bash, the biggest indoor derby in the world.

Spectators are Free, come cheer on the competitors.
See the PDFs for rules in each category, email dubuquerc@gmail.com with questions

Participants and spectators should enter via the Locust Street entrance.

General Rules for Winter Indoor RC Showdown

  • All drivers must register with the race organizer. Your vehicle will be given an inspection at registration to make sure it is “road worthy”. You will be required to fill out a registration form. Racing costs $10 per driver. Additional RC’s are $5. Multiple drivers may use the same car but each driver must pay to play. Exception: Demolition Derby is $20 entry for single car. ¾ payout and winner gets an outstanding prize
  • If you use an old style (eye poker) radio please let dubuquerc@gmail.com know before turning it on. It is up to the driver to determine if anyone else is on the same frequency and how to manage frequencies between drivers
  • No batteries may be over 150 degrees at any time. Your lipo batteries must be in a safe container if not being used. Lipo batteries must be charged and handled according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Using “puffed” lipos is not allowed. Lipos must be securely fastened in vehicle during operation.
  • You must charge lipos in lipo bags. No Exceptions. You will get one warning then be asked to leave if this rule is violated.
  • Pit mats or towels are required for work surfaces
  • All vehicles must have a body.
  • Metal bumpers or body parts are not allowed on any vehicles unless maximum speed is at “crawler speeds”. Exo-cages are an exception but they may not protrude past the vehicles edges (ie sprint car metal nerf bars are okay).
  • Repairs are only allowed at pit
  • Radios must remain off unless you are driving.
  • Solvent disposal: Contact dubuquerc@gmail.com if you must dispose of solvents (shock oil, grease, tire dope, etc.)
  • Spectators should remain in spectator areas at all times (Stands, behind start line of drags, in designated area of drifting. Contact dubuquerc@gmail.com if you would like to photograph or record from a different area.
  • Upper promenade of the facility is off limits.
  • Do not go inside the drag racing area while drag racing is live.
  • 16 year old and younger must have parent or guardian present
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • You are responsible for your RC at all times even if you lose control. This includes damages to people and property.
  • Mind your language. This is a family friendly event. If you are given more than one warning on language you may be asked to leave.
  • Be courteous to everyone. We are trying to grow the local RC hobby scene and drama makes that difficult.
  • Please loose with grace if you don’t win.Set an example for future hobbyists and spectators
  • We will take pictures and video of events to share on social media.
  • First activity each day is a group picture. Cars may also be pictured at registration
  • Please join our facebook group, Eastern Iowa RC Drift and Drags, and post pictures and videos from the events.
  • Race organizers have final say for races they supervise.
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